Couple doesn't see the relationship red flagsI think the world of all of my girlfriends. I’m friends with the hands down most accomplished, inspiring, confident and fun women on the whole planet. But, sometimes they come to me with relationship issues that I can’t believe they’re trying to resolve. Literally, they’ll ask me how to handle deal-breaker scenarios and my only advice is to dump the schmuck. So, I realized that if my bright, amazing women friends are tolerating men who are waving red flags like crazy, that means that every single woman out there is ignoring red flag behavior. And it has to stop. So, here are five deal-breaking red flags no woman should ever in a million years ignore.

He talks about his ex A LOT

Unless you met your perfect match as a high school sophomore, chances are that every dude you date has a romantic past. And that past will include ex-girlfriends and maybe even ex-wives. Of course, that’s fine. And it’s fine for you to know that he had a love life before you. What’s not fine is if he’s constantly bringing up exes, either in a longing-for-the-past way or in a really-spiteful-rage-filled way. Both mean that he hasn’t gotten over his ex and no matter how good you are in the present, his past relationships will haunt you two as a couple. Get out while you still can and find a man who is ready for a good woman right now.

You’re jealous…and you’re not a jealous person

Do you feel crazy jealous about your boyfriend? Are you worried that any time you’re not with him, he’s with someone else? Is this a normal set of emotions for you? If you’re not a jealous person and you’re suddenly a green-eyed monster since you started dating your dude, it’s probably because he’s giving you reason to be. And that’s not cool. To have a solid, lasting relationship, you need to be able to trust your partner. If your guy isn’t doing anything to be trustworthy, kick him to the curb.

He won’t talk about the future

If you’ve been dating for three months or more, you should know that this guy you’re your relationship as a long-term commitment. You should feel comfortable talking about the future with him and figuring out how you fit into his five-year plan and how he can fit into yours. Is that not happening? Does he make you feel “crazy” or clingy for trying to talk about the future? Ditch that jabroni and find a man who’s grown up enough to commit.

His friends won’t warm up to you

Are his friends keeping their distance from you for no reason whatsoever? That’s a major red flag. Either he’s friends with all d-bags, which is a red flag, or his friends don’t want to get close to you because he goes through women like toilet paper, which is of course a red flag. If his friends aren’t happy about his coupling off with you and you don’t understand why, it’s probably because your guy isn’t worthy.

He doesn’t make you feel awesome

When you hang out with your boo, can you tell that his number one priority is to make you feel completely awesome or does it seem like he’s out to cut you down? If it’s the latter, get the heck out of that relationship. A quality man wants his woman to feel like a million bucks morning, noon and night. A red-flag waving loser put his woman down so he can feel better about himself. Don’t spend another second with a guy like that.   Have you ever ignored a major red flag and regretted it later? Be honest, here. I think we all have. Tell me about your experience in the comments.

Taraji P. Henson Shuts Down Rumors She’s Over Black Men (Watch)


taraji p henson

Now who said Taraji P. Henson wasn’t interested in black men?!

That rumor that started after a previous interview on the “The Wendy Williams Show” is untrue!

Yes, she’s dating outside the race, but doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have love for the brothers.

“They [media] said I was done with black men,” Henson told Hip Hollywood while doing interviews for “The Rough.”  “I have a Black son, what are you saying, what does that mean?”

Her words were simply twisted and flipped around. She was talking about her open-mindedness to dating — not excluding black men, but exploring with men from different cultures.

“I said that I have started dating other cultures, so it was a celebration of other cultures and not a put down of my own. That’s stupid. Why would I say I’m done with Black men. That’s dumb.”

She’s excited about not only dating outside the race, but dating men from different cultures and ethnicities.

“I’m dating. I can’t say that I’m done totally with American men but I am very excited about my finds over [in Europe],” she told Wendy Williams. “I think there is a cultural difference with men from other countries. They are not as bitter and jaded and closed up as a lot of the men here. I’m not saying all men, I can’t say that I’m done with American man, I’ll never say that,” she told Williams.

Watch the interview below:

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Making Plans For Baby


Kandi Burruss and Todd TuckerLeave it to Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker to strike while the iron’s hot.

The couple, which got married on April 4, is already moving forward with adding to their family with efforts to bring a new life into the picture.

“We’re trying now for a baby!” Kandi told In Touch. “We haven’t succeeded yet. If it happens today, then we’re good.”

A child for Kandi and Todd would be the latest addition to a family featuring the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s 11-year-old daughter and Todd’s 17-year-old son. And while two kids may be enough for some, Kandi and Todd show no signs of taking a break from parenting.

“We’re really looking forward to having kids together,” said Kandi. “I can’t wait to [have] one big family!”

For more of Kandi Burruss’ interview with In Touch, click here.


Woman seduces a man into bedA few weeks ago I was invited to give a talk at a private club in New York City about the art of seduction.  I didn’t know quite who would be attending this event, but figured the group would be comprised of mostly singles looking for help finding a mate.  When I got there however, I was amazed by the diversity of my audience.

The room held married couples, newly divorce individuals, and singles from all walks of life. This broad turnout made me wonder why such a wide range of people would be interested in learning about the art of seduction.

I realized that when it comes down to it, seduction is universal. You can use it for anything: attracting someone for a date, seducing your spouse of 15 years, or getting a job at an interview. Once this skill comes naturally to you, opportunities will present themselves that might not have otherwise.

So, I thought I would share this widely sought after information with you!

Becoming an expert at seduction is not as hard as one might think. Anyone can learn to be more seductive, it just takes knowing what attracts people to you. After fifteen years as a matchmaker and interviewing thousands of men and women from around the world, I have pretty much figured out what attracts one person to another. I think that this short story sums up what I have learned perfectly: 

At a fabulous cocktail party there is a successful bachelor in attendance that a lot of the single women at the event would love to meet. The first woman who approaches him is a beautiful international model.  She proceeds to tell him all about herself, her travels, all the magazines she has been in, and how many men would love to date her. She goes on about her life and how wonderful people think she is, etc.  He then starts to say something about himself and she checks her cell phone and excuses herself.

Another woman comes over and smiles at the same man and shakes his hand. She is good looking, but not a super model by any means. She starts up a conversation with him by saying, “I’ve heard a lot about you! I’d love to hear more about how did you get involved in animal rescue and charity work?” He talks a bit about his work, and she is very impressed and focused on what he is saying. She continues to ask more about his passions, makes eye contact, and is excited to hear what he has to say.

Guess which woman this guy asked out on a date?  Woman #2!

That is the key to seduction; there is no magic formula. It all comes down to making someone else feel understood.

People love to talk about themselves and have people engaged and curious about what they have to say.  It makes us feel good to be understood, and when someone makes us feel good, we want to spend more time with them. It is as simple as that. It is always the person who is curious about someone else, and puts in the effort to understand them better, that will be attract a potential date.

That is the key to seduction; there is no magic formula. It all comes down to making someone else feel understood. Any romantic woman has dreams about being ‘swept off her feet’ which if you think about it, is in essence feeling like someone completely and totally gets you and wants to be with you.

Next time you are in a situation where you need to turn that power of seduction on, remember these 5 key elements:

1.     Lead with you’re inner CONFIDENCE.  Not showing off, but genuine confidence. The kind of confidence that you don’t need to sell.  It will show that you believe in yourself and who you are, are happy with your life, and know how to laugh and have fun.

2.     Your ability to really truly LISTEN to another person and HEAR them. People can tell when they are being listened to, so really focus in on the person you are speaking with.

3.     CURIOUSITY.  You can listen all you want, but if you don’t genuinely care and are curious to know about a person you will never touch their heart/soul/mind and make them feel that rush of romantic and sexual energy.

4.     The ability to UNDERSTAND is imperative. You are curious, you listened and now you need to work to truly understand them and where they are coming from.  After all, what we all really want is to be understood. This is the ultimate turn on.

5.     Having fluid yet comfortable boundaries.  When someone is truly connecting with another person, they use touch in a natural way and have a closer proximity to the other person. They LEAN IN. This breaks through boundaries but in a natural and connected way.

If you are able to master these 5 elements, you are off to a great start.  But remember, we all have different styles, so make sure your style of seduction suites your personality.  If you force yourself to touch someone because you are remember element number 5, but you just reach out for no reason, it is not going to work. Or, if you are shy, maybe you will not walk in owning the room, but will adopt a quieter confidence about you that is equally appealing.

Find your individual strength and incorporate the elements that work for you.  Remember, it is all about practice.  So go seduce you friends, dates, collogues, anyone you can so you can see what works for you.  And remember, HAVE FUN!!

‘Love & Hip Hop’s’ Mimi Faust Got $100,000 for Sex Tape (Report)


“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’”star Mimi Faust and her boyfriend Nikko Smith reportedly pocketed $100,000 from Vivid Entertainment for their sex tape.

According to HollywoodLife.com, multiple outlets were bidding for the footage, but Vivid’s offer topped them all.

“Have you ever heard of Mimi Faust before her porn dropped? Exactly!” the source told Hollywood Life. “Mimi is trying to make a name for herself and become relevant. She’s riding this new wave of fame until it ends. She did it for the money and from what I’m hearing she cashed in about 100 racks.”

Vivid Entertainment founder Steve Hirsch told Hollywood Life, “We were approached by a third party to release the tape. I wasn’t familiar with Mimi and Nikko or Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. After doing some research, I realized just how big both the show and the tape could be. It was a struggle to ultimately get the deal done but we did. And this tape will be huge. Massive!”

Mimi’s Sex Tape Drama in New Trailer for ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 3 (Watch)


VH1 has released a 4 minute 36 second trailer for “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” season 3, and Lord have mercy.  Ratchet doesn’t even begin to describe this. [Scroll down to watch.]

Of course Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape is one of the season’s major storylines, both before and after Vivid Entertainment got involved in releasing it.

Here’s how the network breaks down the entire season:

1. Stevie J.’s actually happy being married to Joseline Hernandez. Who knew that he’d enjoy being tied down to one woman!

2. Mimi Faust and Nikko make a sex tape — and all hell breaks loose. Mimi is still with her “boo” Nikko (and his tick-tock Rolex), and friend Ariane Davis isn’t too happy about it. At lunch, Mimi reveals to Ariane and Erica Dixon that she and Nikko are thinking of making a sex tape. When the word gets out, Vivid head honcho Steve Hirsch propositions the couple on releasing their intimate vid for a profitable return. Mimi is distraught about it as she’s mom to Stevie’s 3-year-old daughter, Eva, and thinks that Stevie J. is going to make her life “a living hell.” Later we see that Stevie in fact learns about the sex tape and tells Mimi that he is going to take legal action to make sure Eva is in proper care. In addition, Stevie J. tells Nikko that if the tape is leaked, “there will be a problem,” and the two men go head-to-head.

3. Kirk Frost takes a paternity test on baby Karter. After trying to work on his marriage with wife Rasheeda Frost, Kirk is apparently changing his tune and secretly tests newborn Karter to see if the child is in fact his own. He then has friend Benzino read him the results, which Benzino later burns in a parking lot. Next we see what looks like a confrontation between Kirk and Rasheeda with her breaking down in tears.

4. Enter Waka Flocka Flame and his baby mama drama. Season 3 newcomer Waka Flocka Flame joins the fold with his fianceé, Tammy Rivera, and they have their share of drama. Tammy confides in Joseline that he has “changed” and Joseline tells her that “men will be men.”

5. Mimi tells Tammy to beware of Joseline. Tammy is warned by Mimi Faust to be weary of Joseline and it appears to be for good reason. In another scene, we Tammy and Joseline getting into an argument with Tammy throwing Joseline’s stripper past in her face.

6. Kirk makes moves on the new nanny. With Rasheeda looking to get back into the studio, Kirk has been enlisted with choosing the perfect nanny for baby Karter — however, Kirk decides to hire someone who can also take care of him. When the nanny tells Rasheeda that she was under the impression that Kirk and Rasheeda were “separated, co-parenting in the same house,” Rasheeda loses it.

7. Karlie Redd shacks up with Yung Joc and is in for a surprise. Now that we know rapper Yung Joc is joining the LHHATL cast, we learn that his relationship with Karlie isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. In fact, Karlie called Yung out for smelling like other women, and even confronts a woman who says she’s been having sex with him every night.

8. Momma Dee tries to hook Lil Scrappy up with women… while he’s dating Bambi. Momma Dee is back to her old tricks and tells Scrappy that he needs to take his time dating women — while he’s apparently attached to newcomer Bambi. Bambi asks Scrappy if he’s being loyal, and he says “yes,” but Momma Dee drops the bombshell that he “has more than one egg in his basket.” This egg is more than likely the one named “Erica,” who we see Scrappy getting cozy with.
But things get messier when we catch a glimpse of a woman shopping for a pregnancy test. Scrappy confides in Kirk that “she’s pregnant,” and that he and this lady (is it Erica or Bambi?) plan on keeping the baby. Erica and Bambi confront each other (in front of Scrappy and later with Momma Dee) and can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other.

9. Sleazy and Zino “brawl.” During the “grand opening” of Benzino and Stevie J.’s bar, Sleazy and Zino, an argument between Benzino and ex Karlie ends with Benzino’s fianceé, Althea “Thi Thi” Heart, throwing her drink on Karlie and Benzino asking for Karlie to be thrown out. Meanwhile, Momma Dee pulls Scrappy to the side and tells him he needs to learn how to “control” his women. However, we know that a bigger brawl ensued that night with several of the cast members jumping in, and leaving several parties injured.

10. Benzino gets shot. It looks like the rumors are true and the cameras were rolling during the aftermath of the shooting that happened at the funeral procession for Benzino’s mother this past March. We see Athea and Stevie J. sit beside Zino who is strapped up to several monitors and IVs. “Let me just tell you something man. You got a strong support system, you got a lot of people who love you. The best thing now for you to do is relax, you feel me?” Stevie J. tells his sleeping friend.

Watch the trailer for Season 3 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” below:



Brandy Confirms Split from Fiance Ryan Press – Two Months After the Fact

brandy ryan press

Brandy Norwood is single again – and has been since before her birthday in February.

Her rep confirmed to ABC News that she and her music exec fiancé, Ryan Press, ended their engagement just before she turned 35 on Feb. 11.

“They are both taking a step back actually. That’s what they both wanted to do,” the rep said. “They’re friends and I think it’s the mature thing to do in a relationship is just evaluate where you are and move forward. The great thing is that they are friends and definitely that’s an important part and he’s still supportive of what she’s doing.”

Norwood, who has a daughter from a previous relationship, and Press announced their engagement last year.

Khloe Kardashian Not Taking Lamar Odom’s Calls (Report)

Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on April 2, 2014. The Kardashian family had been on a trip to Thailand

Khloé Kardashian is reportedly ignoring Lamar Odom’s phone calls because she wants to move on from their failed marriage.

The reality star split from the NBA player in 2013 amid claims he cheated on her and became hooked on drugs.

“She’s been refusing to take his calls recently,” s source told Radar Online.

The 29-year-old, who filed for divorce in December after four years of marriage, has been spotted with a number of men recently – including The Game and French Montana – and it’s believed Odom is getting “jealous.”

The source explained: “Khloé is out in public with new guys all over them and it is killing Lamar. Yeah, he was totally with other women first, but he doesn’t want Khloé to shove it in his face that she is moving on. Lamar is jealous and gets mad when she refuses to talk to him.”

Khloe has just moved into Justin Bieber’s former home in Calabasas after selling her former marital home in nearby Tarzana to actress Kaley Cuoco.

The source added: “Lamar and Khloé are done. He tried and she tried but now there’s nothing to go back to.”

The Game Ordered to Stay 100 Yards Away from Girlfriend Tiffney


Following an alleged domestic dispute last month, The Game has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from his girlfriend Tiffney Cambridge, reports TMZ.

Tiffney obtained the restraining order against Game on April 2, following an altercation in which he allegedly attacked her. The RO bars Game from having any contact with her whatsoever, notes TMZ.

The judge is allowing Game to see his kids only on the weekends.

Cambridge filed a police report against Game, claiming he got violent with her during a March 19th argument. Sources close to Cambridge told TMZ that Game broke her nose, but Game denied ever even touching her.

Police are still investigating.



Hard work and no play is something that The Carters don’t say.

Wrapping up her world tour, Beyoncé decided to kick back with some well deserved R&R. Using the anniversary with hubby Jay Z to get that, the famed starlet surely made us sit back and ask why we can’t look this cool when we’re on vacation too.

Celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary, the duo – plus their mini-me – jetted off to the beautiful island of Dominican Republic. Of course not letting the exotic backdrops go to waste, the family nabbed a few candid shots to remember the times by. From playing with Blue, to an au natural Beyoncé, it seems as if this was a vacation/celebration to go down in the books.

Catch more pics from their gorgeous scenic trip below!



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