Beware of Casino Bait

Enter and casino and you can be overwhelmed by the light, bells and excitement. Jackpots in the 10s if not 100s of thousands of dollars flash on the progressive machines as the jackpot keep going up every second. These machines are the bait.

If you decide to walk past the “bait” you enter the realm of games such as keno, roulette, poker and blackjack. Games such as keno and roulette are still games of luck though. Games of skill, like blackjack and poker, sill have the luck of the draw, but skill and experience are required to win.

If you wish to win, you should focus on these games. In order to be proficient at anything the first step is to know the rules. This does not mean knowing what hand wins and how many cards to play, but knowing all of the rules. You need to know how to bet, how to raise, when to fold, what are the odds. The list goes on and on. The big mistake that many make is trying to be an expert at everything. If you want to be an expert, you need to focus, practice, focus some more and of course practice more.

To do this you have to enjoy the game. If it becomes a drudge, then you will not continue to practice and focus. Do these until you know the rules, odds, and strategies like the back of your hand. Now that you know the rules and are confident, you are ready to play. Confidence is essential, especially in poker as in these types of games as you are playing against others. If you are not confidence others will see this and will affect the way they play the game. If you are confident, they will see this also and will likely play more conservative and not take as many chances.

Your bankroll is also a big part of the equation. Never take in more money than you are willing to lose. However, it also takes money to play and win. If you intend to win big, you will need to play at the high end table. This will require a substantial bankroll. There is also a huge difference between playing for fun online or with friends and playing for real money. Once you are playing for real money. Playing $1000 a hand online in the FUN mode is not the same psychologically as when you actually put the $1000 chip on the table. It will affect the way you play.

Picking the right table is also important. If you are playing against other people you want to pick a table where the other players are not as good or experienced as you. If you are playing against the dealer, you want to have the other players as good as or better than you since an inexperienced player can cause you to lose.

With a lot of practice and discipline you can increase your chances of winning instead of depending on pure luck.