Vanessa Williams Marries Jim Skrip in July 4th Wedding (Pics)

Jim Skrip and Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams was among the handful of celebs that tied the knot over the July 4th weekend.

A rep for the actress said Sunday that she married her fiancé, Jim Skrip, in Buffalo, NY on the Fourth of July. No details of the ceremony were provided.

This is the third marriage for Williams, who was previously married to public relations consultant Ramon Hervey and former Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox. She has three children with Hervey and a daughter with Fox.

According to Entertainment Tonight, daughters Melanie, Jillian and Sasha served as bridesmaids at the ceremony, which took place at the St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic church.

Williams earlier said she met Skrip, a former accountant, while traveling in Egypt.

View wedding pics in ET’s exclusive video below:

Other stars exchanging vows over the weekend include Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunus, and Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick.


Bruno Mars and the Obamas Jam to ‘Uptown Funk’ on July 4th at the White House

bruno mars flotus potus
While many of us were stuffing ourselves with food, drink, American pride and fireworks on the 4th of July, the Obamas did that and got their groove on to the sounds of Bruno Mars.

Mars was the headliner for a USO-sponsored concert on the South Lawn of the White House that included a patriotic words from President Barack Obama along with an epic fireworks display, MTV reports while noting that the president and First Lady Michelle Obama were clearly into Mars’ high energy performance.

Among the tunes the “Uptown Funk” singer went all in on were Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You,” Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” and Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” as well his own catalog of original hits.

Before Bruno Mars and band get nasty with “Uptown Funk,” President Obama has a few words, then it’s time to par-tay! WATCH:

To see highlights of Mars’ time at the White House, check out the Instagram posts below:


DeVon Franklin Answers Critics of Wife Megan Good’s Sexy Clothes

Meagan-Good-Devon-FranklinWhen it comes to Megan Good, the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover” has fallen flat for some folks.

Since marrying Seventh Day Adventist minister DeVon Franklin, the actress has endured a good bit of criticism for her sexy outfits, most notably when she got many viewers talking upon wearing an eye-catching, low-cut dress to the 2013 BET award.

The uproar over Good’s sexy attire was addressed by the entertainer and her husband during an Essence Festival empowerment panel on love and marriage. For Franklin, the root of the issue lies with some religious people who are just too judgmental, reports Essence.

“So many people try to live by a label, but that’s not the box God put us in,” the former Colombia Pictures executive explained. “Who we are is not defined by a box. When I live by your expectations of what I should do, then I limit who I am and then I become depressed because I can’t be my true self.”

While critics feel Franklin should control what Good wears, the minister has another way to handle the situation.

“I don’t own her [and] she doesn’t own me. We are together and I respect whatever she chooses to put on,” Franklin said. “When I married her, I said, ‘I accept you for who you are. And whatever you choose to wear, that is your right.’”

For Good, the jabs marked a moment where she was taken aback from those who expected her to fall back on the sexy wardrobe upon marrying Franklin.

“A lot of people came for me, and it was really hard to process,” she said as she admitted that despite being saved since age 12, she was hurt from the flack she received from her fellow Christians.

“It kind of made me upset with the church for a while. People don’t know what they do, but you have to love them regardless,” Good shared. “But you have to own your truth.”

As for Good’s choice of clothing for the BET Awards and the negative feedback it generated, Franklin admitted that he was cool with what his wife wore.

“I saw her before she walked out, and I said, ‘Amen, praise the Lord,’” he jokingly told those attending the Essence Festival.

“The only ones with the guns out were those that read the same word that says, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ But the love was not there,” Franklin explained. “I don’t have an issue [with her clothes]. It’s not about the dress; it’s about her heart. And I know her heart is amazing, that’s why I love her.”


Malia Obama Joins HBO’s ‘Girls’ with Summer Internship

malia-obamaMalia Obama continues to build her professional resume with her latest brush with folks from the small screen.

According to TMZ, the daughter of President Barack Obama  and First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted working behind the scenes on HBO’s hit show “Girls” while drinking blue juice and hanging out with the lighting crew in Brooklyn. In all, Malia spent about three hours on location on the “Girls” set as the show filmed at a hipster restaurant. To cap it off, Malia also spent time with “Girls” star and creator Lena Dunham, according to reports.

Malia’s summer internship on the “Girls” set marks the first daughter’s latest experience working on the set of a television show. MTV notes that she served as a production assistant on the CBS sci-fi series “Extent,” starring Halle Berry last year. Malia’s duties during that time included doing computer shop alignments and coffee for the cast and crew, among other things.

Malia’s interest in Hollywood was noted in 2012 by her mother who told People, “Malia has expressed some interest in filmmaking.

“Just like her father, she is an avid reader, and she enjoys movies,” Mrs. Obama said. “But she’s a freshman, so she also knows she has years in college to explore her interest.”


Miguel Says He Makes “Better Music” Than Frank Ocean

Miguel said that he makes “better music” than Frank Ocean in a recent interview with the Sunday Times: “I wouldn’t say we were friends,” he said. “To be completely honest—and no disrespect to anyone—I genuinely believe that I make better music, all the way around.”
Back in 2010 Miguel dropped his debut album ‘All I Want Is You’ three months before Ocean released ‘nostalgia, Ultra’, and then he dropped ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ in 2012 two months after Ocean release ‘Channel Orange’.

Miguel just dropped WILDHEART album last week and Ocean’s upcoming project should be out later this summer

Several Luxury Cars Outside Of An Atlanta Studio Connected To Rick Ross Riddled With Bullets (Pic)

Atlanta police are investigating an early Monday morning, July 6, shooting that left several luxury cars riddled with bullets.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the shooting happened at Twelve Studios, which houses rapper Rick Ross’ UDigg Studios.

A Mercedes CL63 that retails for over $150,000, a  late-model Corvette and an Infiniti G35 were riddled with bullets.

According to the incident report, two women told police they were inside one of the music studios when they “heard (a) loud noise that sounded like fireworks but were actually gunshots.”

One of the women told police she went to check on her vehicle when she saw shattered glass on the floor in the studio.

Officers found eight .40-caliber shell casings in the street in front of the studio. Three cars were damaged by the gunfire, which also shattered a glass window of the building, according to police. No injuries were reported.

Authorities don’t think Ross, real name William Roberts, was involved in the incident. However this is the third time within a month that the rapper’s name has been linked to an incident involving the police.

On June 10th he was busted for marijuana possession in Fayette County, Georgia. On June 24th, Ross and his bodyguard, Nadrian James, were arrested and charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

The rapper allegedly pistol whipped a groundskeeper at his Fayette County residence, chipping two of his teeth and injuring his jaw. The worker was reportedly not allowed to leave.

Ross was released from jail on July 1st, after posting $2 million bail, which included $1 million equity from the ex-Evander Holyfield mansion he owns, another Georgia property, $500,000 surety bond (from a bail bondsman) and $500k in cash.

Love At First Sound – Audra

“Love At First Sound – Audra”

Vegas born, Chicago raised artist Love At First Sound has been waiting on this day for over four years. Building up his resume, Love has been crafting his skills during this time, producing and writing music for himself and others, honing in on what exactly moves his sound forward. With a proper mix of rapping and singing, the young artist, takes total control here, producing all of the project’s music with the exception of one track. Mixed by Royce Lagard, Audra’s off-kilter instrumentals backed by boom-bap drums and somber melodies captures exactly what separates Love from everybody else. Stay tuned for plenty more from the multi-talented artist as he continues to stand out and leave a mark in the game.

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