Bow Wow Blasts Black Folks for Criticizing His Engagement to Erica Mena

bow wow-erica mena

Bow Wow didn’t take too kindly to Tony Rock‘s jokes and comments about his fiancee Erica Mena on Twitter. Also, he’s fed up with black folks hating on his relationship.

Rock said, “106 and Park cancelled. Is the Bow Wow/Erica Mena WEDDING still on?” He added, “I ain’t even hatin on Bow Wow. Every ni**a falls in love with a full blown whore once in his life,” he tweeted.

Bow Wow’s response wasn’t nice either, “@TONYROCK ill have a talk w/ you when i see you. Face to face cuz.”

He added, “the homies just dropped the dime on Tony Rock. I just got the call. I toldem press go. Don’t f*** w/a man’s family homie.” He would later delete the comment, what with it sounding like a threat and all, and Bow Weezy wanting to keep his new gig with “CSI: Cyber.”

Bow Wow went on to talk about how much he loves Mena.

“I love my wife so much! No words no opinions WILL EVER CHANGE HOW I FEEL. We locked in! Soul mates. This for life! So beyond in love w/ each other its crazy! Unbreakable.”

Bow Wow criticized black people on Facebook for all the hate his relationship has been getting — blasting all the bull and ignorance.

“Funny how its only 1 race that hates the most on my relationship or anything i do. BLACK FOLKS. Says a lot about us. Exactly why folks THINK we can never elevate because we stay holding each other back with the bullsh*t and ignorance. Maybe we are just that. IGNORANT. FOH”

Mena took to Twitter to EXPRESS how she felt about all the disrespect she’s been getting for her relationship with Bow Wow.

“I’m Looking FORWARD to hearing what rumor will be made up next once they hear the REAL BIG News. My wedding date announcement was light werq,” she tweeted. Either way It’s ME they talk about. Hey know my name Retweet it and spell it correct at all times.”

Nevertheless, Bow Wow announced the wedding date is in April. And then, his ex-girlfriend Angela Simmons posted a cryptic message on Instagram:

 “not everyone you LOSE is a loss. When God protects you … This is the result … You lose folks that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Be thankful.”


Evan Ross, Ashlee Simpson ‘Working On’ A Baby

evan ross hunger games

They’ve been married only two-and-a-half months, but Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross say they are already trying to have a BABY.

“We’re working on it,” Ross, 26, told E! News at the premiere of “The Hunger GAMES: Mockingjay, PART 1.” “I would like it. As many [kids] as possible!”

Reflecting on his good year, he said: “I got married, I have new music and I’m part of ‘Hunger Games.’ It’s been a great year.”

In “Mockingjay,” Ross plays Messella, a film crew member who shoots promo VIDEOS for the rebel war in both parts one and two.

As for their first holiday as husband and wife, he and Simpson, 30, will split their TIME between Ross’ mom, Diana Ross, and Simpson’s parents’ home on Thanksgiving. “We’ll do a back and forth kind of thing,” he said.

And the moms won’t be the only ones cooking this holiday season. Simpson is ready to get down in the kitchen too, “I do green bean casserole,” she said. “I can do all the casseroles. I’m from TEXAS.”


Mary J. Blige’s Marriage Success Secret: No Female Friends for Hubby

mary j. blige_ kendu isaacs

Mary J. Blige has found the secret to making her 11-year marriage work.

No female friends for her husband/manger Kendu Isaacs.

During an interview with Stella magazine, Blige revealed the pact she and Isaacs made while stating that the same applies to her. No friends of the opposite sex.

“All females for me, all guys for him. There’s none of that, ‘Oh, that’s my female friend, Oh, that’s my guy friend,’” the singer shared. “No, not in a marriage, I’ve never seen that work.”

In addition to her marriage agreement, Blige addressed being a stepmother to Isaac’s three children from a previous relationship. According to her, the role was “tailor-made” for her.

“I was never sitting around thinking, ‘Oh God, I want a baby,’” the 43-year-old entertainer said. “And then these very special kids came along, and it was like they were tailor-made for me to be their stepmom. I’ve known the younger two since they were babies, so they really are my family.”


Solange Addresses her Wedding Hives: ‘Shout Out to Benadryl, Yo’

Solange Knowles took to Instagram and Twitter Monday night to share more photos from her wedding and to answer a fan who asked why she broke out in hives all over her face and neck at the reception.

solange knowles hives
In her first post, she shared an intimate photo with her new husband, 51-year-old video director Alan Ferguson.  (Top photo)

Solange next referred to a special sister moment with her maid of honor, Beyoncé (below).

And then, she got to the hives.

When a fan asked what exactly caused her to break out, she responded with a tweet, basically saying she was too turned up:

And then Bey shared a pic from the second line parade:

Beyonce Instagrams Pics from Solange’s Wedding (Photos)


Beyonce shared pics from Sunday’s nuptials between her little sister and Alan Ferguson…and apparently there was a no touching rule in addition to the “everyone must wear white” directive.

The bride, 28, wore a low-cut white jumpsuit with a cape. Her groom, 51, sported a matching all-white suit.

The couple rode white bicycles up to their wedding venue at Holy Trinity Church in the Bywater area of New Orleans, as several locals congratulated them. The venue, which has been used as a shooting location in several films, was decorated with four trees covered in white lights and large hanging lights, according to Us Weekly.

Janelle Monae, the only one smiling in the photo above, was among the close family and friends on hand for the ceremony. Above, Solange is flanked by Beyonce (left) and her mom Tina (right).

Solange chose to marry near her Louisiana home, where she lives with her 10-year-old son Julez (above, middle).

Before exchanging vows, Solange and Alan enjoyed a movie night with Bey on Friday, followed by their rehearsal dinner on Saturday.


Kevin Hart Addresses Rumors Fiancée Eniko Parrish Is Pregnant

kevin hart & eniko parrish

Rumors have been circulating that Kevin Hart‘s girlfriend Eniko Parrish is with child. But he’s telling another story — calling the rumors false.

“People on the Internet need to stop, OK? Eniko is not pregnant … and if she is, it ain’t by me,” he told Hip Hollywood.

The rumors first started during the summer in August when Hart and Parrish became engaged. She said she would love to have his babies — fueling the rumors.

She told an Instagram follower that she was working on having a baby with Hart, which means they could eventually be starting a family.

As of now, Hart has two children with “Atlanta Exes” star and ex-wife Torrei Hart. But there’s no word yet on when the couple will add to their family.


Is Kanye West Holding A Threesome Over Kim Kardashian’s Head To Keep Her With Him?

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-Things may seem good with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, but according to insiders, things are not what they seem as West holds a big secret over her head.

What is it?

An insider with knowledge of the situation revealed to In Touch magazine that Kardashian once participated in a tawdry threesome.

“She spent years trying to change people’s perception of her, ever since the sex tape came out [in 2007] and this can undo everything,” said the insider.

Although she’s never been shy about capitalizing off her sex appeal, the insider mentioned that if word got out about Kardashian’s freaky episodes it could damage her brand and business empire.

“She’s also built her brand and an empire” valued at over $40 million,” the insider mentioned. “She’s terrified he will tell the world what he did.”

Despite Kim’s rep denying the threesome, InTouch cites multiple insiders, who detailed how the reality TV star cheated on a longtime boyfriend with West and another famous woman.

“Kanye was obsessed with Kim and wanted to have a three-way with her, and she didn’t hesitate,” one source told the magazine. “Kim and Kanye had already been seeing each other behind her boyfriend’s back, and Kanye brought this other woman into it.”

While that seemed good, the source added that one thing prevented the situation from being a win-win for everybody.

“The other woman ended up getting jealous of Kim because Kanye was more into Kim than he was into her,” the source stated.


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