Columbus Short Says He’s Staying in Barbados For Good, Despite U.S. Warrant (Watch)

columbus short

Columbus Short has appeared to declare himself a fugitive.

As previously reported, a California judge has issued a warrant for his arrest after he failed to show earlier this week in his domestic violence case. But, the former “Scandal” star was in Barbados yesterday when he told the crowd he’s packing his bags and moving there for good, reports TMZ.

Columbus has had four run-ins with the law in the last five months, “and aggressively spoke about his disdain for the people who are accusing him of wrongdoing,” according to TMZ.

Also, he cannot be extradited from Barbados since the crimes against him are all misdemeanors.

Watch the video here.

Columbus Short Caught in Barbados Amid L.A. Bench Warrant


The above photograph of Columbus Short may be the very thing that lands him behind bars.

With a bench warrant currently out for his arrest in the states for skipping a domestic violence hearing, the former “Scandal” star was snapped Wednesday living it up in the Caribbean.

According to TMZ, the publication Nation News got a picture of him at a Mardi-Gras-like festival called Fantasy Barbados.

In “short,” the judge might not take too kindly to the actor blowing off his domestic violence case for an island gig.



Ray Rice Apologizes, Calls Elevator Incident ‘Biggest Mistake of My Life’ (Watch)

ray rice press conference

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice apologized to his wife and all women affected by domestic violence on Thursday, when he held a press conference for the first time since his alleged altercation with his then-fiancee in February.

While Rice declined twice to give details about what happened in that Atlantic City, New Jersey, elevator, he said it was a “one-time incident” and expressed his intentions to become an “ambassador” against domestic violence.

“I made the biggest mistake of my life,” he said.

“That night I replay over and over in my head. That’s not me. My actions were inexcusable. That’s something I have to live with the rest of my life. The pain I’m talking about living with is waking up every day, and my daughter is two years old now, and I have a little girl, who’s very smart, very intelligent, and one day she’s going to know the power of Google, and me having to explain that to her, what happened that night.”

Unlike Rice’s press conference in May, Rice made a point to apologize to his wife directly.

“There are many nights that me and my wife sleep together and we still have to deal with this,” Rice said. “And her pain is my pain, my pain is her pain, the one thing I wanted to do today is you know apologize to my wife, who I’ve known since high school. I’ve known her since a kid. I met her in high school and she’s the same girl now, great mother, and she’s a great wife, and she supports me throughout.

“When the time is right, when the time is right, and I say that because you have to fix yourself before you can go out and help others, and when the time is right me and my wife want to go out there and help people, anybody, violence of any kind, especially man on woman, is just not right. It’s not right, it shouldn’t be tolerated, it’s not right for society, no matter what. That’s something I’ll stand by and I have to pay for that.”

There were about 30 teammates who huddled around reporters to listen to Rice’s press conference, including wide receivers Steve Smith and Jacoby Jones, tight end Dennis Pitta, running back Bernard Pierce and kicker Justin Tucker.

Watch below:

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Things continue to spiral downward for former “Scandal” star Columbus Short, who now has a warrant out for his arrest, reports TMZ.

The actor was ordered to show Wednesday morning in criminal court for a hearing in his domestic violence case. His wife was asking the judge for more protection from the actor.

But Short failed to appear, so the judge issued a bench warrant, according to TMZ.

The day before he was a no-show in a different criminal case. The judge threatened to issue a warrant and Columbus suddenly appeared.

TMZ asked Columbus Tuesday about that belated court appearance. Watch his reaction below:

NFL Defends Two-Game Suspension of Ravens RB Ray Rice

ray rice

Amid the national debate that has jumped off on sports radio and social media over the seemingly light two-game suspension of Ray Rice for his domestic violence arrest, the NFL has come out today to defend its decision.

NFL senior vice president of labor policy Adolpho Birch strongly disagreed Monday that the league’s two-game suspension of the Baltimore Ravens running back was nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

The penalty was handed down Thursday and stems from Rice’s arrest after he allegedly struck then-fiancée Janay Palmer unconscious in an Atlantic City casino hotel elevator in February.

Appearing Monday morning on ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike,” Birch addressed the outrage.

“Listen, I think if you are any player and you think that based on this decision that it’s OK to go out and commit that kind of conduct, I think that is something that I would suggest to you that no player is going to go out and do that,” Birch said Monday. “So in terms of sending a message about what the league stands for, we’ve done that. We can talk about the degree of discipline, we can talk about whether or not third parties need to be involved. I would suggest to you that a third party has been involved in this matter and that was the court that reviewed it, the prosecutor that reviewed it.

“But if it is a question about what the principle of the league is and what standards we stand by, that cannot be questioned. I think it is absolutely clear to all involved that the NFL does not condone domestic violence in any way and will not tolerate it in our league. I don’t know how you can reach a conclusion other than that although I certainly respect the opinion.”

In February, video of the incident surfaced online showing Rice dragging an apparently unconscious Palmer out of the elevator. The couple has since married.

Rice pleaded not guilty to a third-degree charge of aggravated assault and avoided trial by being accepted into a pretrial intervention program in May.

In addition to the suspension, Rice also was fined an additional regular-season game check but is eligible to participate in training camp and all of Baltimore’s preseason games. In addition, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expects the three-time Pro Bowler to continue to attend counseling.

“The discipline that was taken by the NFL is the only discipline that occurred, with respect to Mr. Rice, in this case,” Birch said. “I think that, were he not an NFL player, I don’t know that he would be able to receive any punishment from any other source.

“On balance, we reviewed all the materials, listened to the persons we listened to, took the input of the Players Association. When we looked on balance at all of that, we believe that discipline we issued is appropriate. It is multiple games and hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think that’s fair to say that doesn’t reflect that you condone the behavior. I think we can put that to rest.”

A league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Monday that Rice has not appealed the suspension, and the three-day period to do so has now passed.

‘Notorious’ Star Jamal Woolard Arrested for Domestic Violence


The actor who played Notorious B.I.G. in the 2009 biopic “Notorious” got busted this weekend for an alleged domestic violence incident in front of his stepson, according to TMZ.

Jamal Woolard was arrested Saturday night in Gwinnett County, GA after police responded to a call about a domestic dispute.

According to law enforcement sources, a child made the call and said, “Dad hit Mom.”

Woolard, 38, was booked for battery, cruelty to children, and simple assault.


The Game Accused of Beating Fiancee Tiffney Cambridge


The Game is under investigation for felony domestic violence after allegedly beating up his fiancee, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

According to sources, Tiffney Cambridge, filed a police report last weekend after a March 19th incident during which she claims Game attacked her. Cambridge told police the couple was having an argument and Game turned violent.

Sources close to Tiffney tell TMZ that he hit her repeatedly in the face, injuring her eye socket and breaking her nose. Law enforcement sources say police took photos of her face.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has reportedly launched a criminal investigation.

Both Game and Tiffney appear on the VH1 reality show, “Marrying The Game.”

Sources connected with Game tell TMZ, he acknowledges there was an incident, but the rapper insists he never laid a finger on her.

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