Derek Fisher Vacations with Matt Barnes Ex Gloria Govan After Knicks Boot

(L-R) Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan, Derek Fisher

With lot of free time to spare, fired New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher found a way to go on vacation while giving the proverbial finger to his haters – and specifically, Matt Barnes.

Rumor has it that Fisher was fired over his messiness with Gloria Govan, the ex wife of NBA player Matt Barnes. Barnes put the paws on Fisher in an incident that made tabloid headlines, led to fines and suspensions for Barnes, and, allegedly, Fisher’s removal as coach so that the team could make a fresh start.

Well it appears as if Gloria and Derek are still a thing, because he’s currently on vacation overseas with her family.


Gloria, 29, posed for the above pic with her family members as they were boarding an international flight.

Derek Fisher is in the back, left; in the hat – smiling and throwing up the hang ten sign.

The photo has since been deleted from Gloria’s Instagram account.


Gilbert Arenas: Matt Barnes ‘Was Whooping Derek Fisher’s A**’


Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas has put his two cents into the mess between Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher, giving his full account of what happened via Instagram.

“I know the story because I was around the corner,” he wrote.

If you recall, Barnes got into a scrap with Fisher in October at the home Barnes used to share with estranged wife Gloria Govan. At the time, Barnes said he wasn’t feeling the way Fisher was interacting with Barnes’ kids.

Barnes was suspended two games by the NBA for his role in the fight. This week, the incident returned to the headlines after Barnes was fined for comments he made towards Fisher over the weekend.

With the story resurfacing, Arenas – who nearly became Barnes’ brother-in-law after dating Gloria’s sister Laura – shared his account of what happened on Instagram.

In a nutshell, he says Barnes was “whopping” Fisher and that Fisher was running around the house screaming. Arenas also confirms that Fisher’s bodyguard was the one who called police.

Read below, per YardBarker:


NBA Fines Matt Barnes for ‘Condoning Violence’ Against Derek Fisher

Matt Barnes attends Neff Headwear x PacSun presents Jhene Aiko's "Soul of Summer" Evening with Hennessy V.S at U.S. Bank Tower on June 10, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

The NBA slapped a fine on Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes for his comments “condoning violence,” the league announced Sunday.

Barnes told reporters Saturday before Memphis’s game against the New York Knicks “violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is.” He made the comment in reference to his off-season incident with Knicks coach Derek Fisher, in which Barnes reportedly socked Fisher in the face.

Fisher was at the home of Barnes’ ex-wife Gloria Govan when the altercation occurred.

Barnes was suspended two games for the incident earlier this season. He recently filed a grievance with the NBA in an attempt to recoup the salary he lost from the suspension.

Matt Barnes: Rihanna’s A Liar, Derek Fisher’s A ‘Snitch!’

matt barnes derek fisher rihanna
NBA player Matt Barnes had a crappy year.

The problem is he’s looking for revenge … by getting back at those folks who he claims crossed him in 2015, namely Rihanna and Derek Fisher.

In an Instagram post (see it below) Barnes – who was traded from the LA Clippers to the Memphis Grizzlies – calls out a certain pop superstar who “lied on him” saying he’s got texts — and pics — to prove their relationship was real.

were a thing. Only problem was, she apparently didn’t get the memo and viciously went in on him via social media. Ouch!

The other person Barnes has got it in for is New York Knicks coach and former Lakers teammate Derek Fisher, who he’s calling a “snake” because he had the nerve to have a relationship with his ex, Gloria Govan then “snitched” to the NBA and police when he “got dealt with.”

By the way, the NBA “dealt” with Barnes for “dealing” with Fisher by giving him a 2-game suspension.

You can read Barnes’ full diatribe below

Matt Barnes Suspended Two Games Over Derek Fisher Drama

(L-R) Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan, Derek Fisher

Matt Barnes will lose a couple of paychecks over his altercation with New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher last fall.

The Memphis Grizzlies forward was suspended two games without pay on Monday for what the league said was a “physical altercation” with Fisher and for “threatening” him.

The league investigated the Oct. 3 incident in Redondo Beach, California, between Barnes and Fisher — former teammates with the Los Angeles Lakers from 2010-12.

The Grizzlies had just wrapped up a week of training camp, and a source told The Associated Press in October the incident occurred while Fisher attended “a gathering” at the home of Barnes’ estranged wife, Gloria Govan.

Page Six reported at the time that Barnes drove 95 miles to Govan’s house to “beat the sh*t” out of Fisher. Barnes said his six-year-old sons had called to tell him that Fisher was in their home. According to reports, Barnes arrived at the home and got into an altercation with Fisher.

Redondo Beach police responded to the incident but disclosed no information on the location or who was involved after finding no basis for criminal charges.

Barnes’ suspension will begin Tuesday night when the Grizzlies host Miami and includes Saturday night’s game at Utah. The Grizzlies were off Monday after playing back-to-back games over the weekend.

Matt Barnes Slams Derek Fisher for ‘Telling Cops’ About Fight

derek fisher_matt barnesThe war between Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher continues as Barnes puts the New York Knicks coach on blast for informing the police about their infamous fight during the first weekend of training camp.

The New York Post reports that despite the issue staring to die down and fall under the public radar, Barnes brought it back to light by telling the Los Angeles Times, ““We’re two grown men who should have handled two grown men’s business, but he wanted to run and tell the cops and the NBA.”

Barnes’ comments come as the NBA still investigates the Memphis Grizzlies star’s situation with Fisher. The Post notes that the altercation between the two occurred the home of Barnes’ estranged wife, Gloria Govan.

Realizing the possible sparks between Fisher and Govan, Barnes became angry and immediately went to Govan’s home to physically confront his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate. .

Although Fisher has remained silent on the incident, Barnes has taken the opposite stance with speaking out about the situation.

Nevertheless, folks will see exactly what goes down between the Barnes and Fisher when the Grizzles take on the Knicks on Jan. 16 in Memphis.


Derek Fisher Addresses Alleged Fight With Matt Barnes

matt-barnes-derek-fisher and gloria govanWhile the public gets wrapped up in the drama surrounding Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher, it’s business as usual for Fisher, who remains focused on his job.

According to ESPN, the New York Knicks coach, who flew to California Saturday afternoon to see his children and missed practice on Monday because of travel issues, took time out from Wednesday’s preseason Knicks game to respond to the situation.

For Fisher, the situation is a “personal and private” matter that shouldn’t be addressed in a professional setting.

“Personal and private matters are personal and private,” Fisher said. “We’re obviously public figures, but we’re at work. So I won’t be commenting on anything that’s happened personally or privately for me.”

Fisher’s comments come after Barnes emerged as a trending topic Wednesday (Oct. 8) following news of him driving 95 miles to Los Angeles home of his estranged wife Gloria Govan to “beat the sh*t” out of Fisher, his former teammate.

Reporting more details surrounding the incident, Page Six noted that Barnes’ six-year-old sons called to tell him that Fisher was at their house. After speaking with his son, Barnes reportedly dropped everything and hightailed it to Govan’s home.

Media sources report that Barnes arrived at the home around 11:45 p.m., the time the alleged fight went down. Govan was apparently not spared from Barnes’ wrath, with reports claiming the athlete “spit in her face.”

Although representatives for Barnes and Govan have not commented on the incident, the NBA has acknowledged that something did go down between the Barnes and Fisher. A spokesperson for Barnes’ team, the Memphis Grizzlies, stated the incident is currently under investigation.

Govan and have been separated for more than a year, while Fisher filed for divorce from his wife of 10 years in March.

Despite remaining mum regarding the incident, Fisher did reveal that he spoke about the alleged fight with Barnes to Knicks players.

“I wanted to make sure that before they were asked about it at least that they heard from me directly about my state of mind and how present I am,” Fisher said. “I’ve been through a lot in life and experienced a lot of things. And sometimes we go through things in life that we can or cannot control. I’m here; I’m focused. It’s not something that’s going to take me away from who we are and what we’re trying to do. And I assured them of that. The only way to do that is to go out and do your job, and that’s what we’re going to do tonight.”

For Carmelo Anthony, Fisher’s situation “kind of caught everybody off guard.”

“Nobody really knew what was going on,” the Knicks forward said. “Still, nobody knows the details of what’s happening.”


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